I started my “Minimalist Workout by Tim” blog in late May.  I started out by doing sets of 5 sit ups, push ups or squats depending on what rooms I was in.  So for example, if I went in the bathroom I would do 5 squats, kitchen would trigger 5 push ups and so on.  Honestly, without going back and reading, which I don’t feel like doing because it’s irrelevant, I’m not sure those are the exact trigger rooms.  In the process I logged all my workouts in this blog (which is actually short for web log) and eventually added nutrition and running to my overall plan.  An added bonus is that I’ve also become a better writer in the process.  I have always loved writing.

Somewhere along the way I got the idea to write a kindle book based on my minimalist workout approach.  I even lobbied for donations through IndieGoGo to raise funds to purchase research materials.  I was successful enough and have been studying exercise science and personal training for the past couple of weeks.  One thing that caused me to raise an eyebrow (or eyebrown as my 4-year-old calls them) was a section on what keeps people motivated enough to keep working out.  Keeping track of your successes is a major part of long-term adherence to any workout.  I’ve tried working out in the past and have not been able to stick with it.  The difference this time around was this blog.  It has given me a sense of responsibility not only to myself but also to my readers to update it daily with my success from the previous day.

Yesterday I did 130 sit ups.  I did a set of 40 reps at the end of the day.  I couldn’t believe it when I was able to keep going.  It is possible I could have done 50 in a row.  Time will tell, I’ll see what I’m able to achieve when the time comes for sit ups on Thursday.

I’ve seen a lot of success and have cut back in some areas in order to move forward in other areas that will make me stronger in other areas.  If you are trying to start a workout plan, a blog is an excellent way to stick to it.  My personal favorite is Word Press but many people like Blogger.  If you’re not much of a writer then write down only want you’ve done.  See my day two post for an example.

If you need help getting started please check out my Minimalist Workout Quick Start Guide.

Have all your friends read your blog and encourage them to workout with you.