In the spirit of minimalism, Tim is taking a little break from writing today.  This is his wife, Lavonne.  I offered to write his post today because he didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, and so he’s feeling tired right now.  He also hasn’t eaten yet today, so he’s trying to cook and eat and get ready for work in the next hour, and he was worried he wouldn’t get a post written.  So you get me today, I hope you don’t mind.

Tim has been really focused on getting himself into great shape the past few months.  It’s so common for him to just hop up off the couch periodically and drop down to knock out 30 push ups or sit ups.  Our daughters are really encouraging, and often our littlest girl will drop and do some sit ups alongside him.

He didn’t get a post up yesterday,  but on Tuesday he did 130 squats.  Yesterday he says he “only got in 100 push ups”, but for the rest of us, “Holy cow, he did 100 push ups!  That’s fantastic!”.  He puts a lot of pressure on himself to do more and more, so he sometimes overlooks how awesome it is to be able to even do 100.

He hasn’t been able to get in a Couch to 5k run in a few days, it has been a busy week around here because it’s the first week back to school for our two oldest daughters.  He planned to go running today, but with as tired as he was, he just didn’t think he could make it.

Seeing him do so well has really been motivating me to want to get on board with some exercise and dieting myself.  He switched over to Weight Watchers this week so that we could do the same diet together, and tomorrow I’m going to make the menu plan and go shopping for the items needed for me to start the diet with him.  Starting Sunday, we’ll be doing it together.  I also want to get back into running again, I started C25K before he did a few weeks ago, but fell off the wagon when I wasn’t feeling well.  I had a love/hate relationship with it while I was doing it, but I always felt proud and accomplished about getting it done, and that’s the feeling I’ll be looking forward to getting back when I re-commit to doing it.  I struggle a lot with keeping things up, but seeing Tim’s success and determination helps motivate me to keep going, too.

Well, I guess that’s all for today.  Tomorrow Tim will be back to fill you in on how he’s going, in his own words.  🙂