Admittedly, I’ve been slacking a little on the couch to 5k.  I have some personal reasons for it and on top of that I’ve had a very busy week with work.  This week will be just as busy and I’m going to try to work running in to my schedule.  With that said, I decided to write about something I’ve written before but maybe go in to a little more detail.  From time to time I check the keywords that people used to search for and find this blog.  I wish I knew who the people were but alas I do not.

Someone this week searched for “couch to 5k with plantar fasciitis”.  My heart sank when I read this.  Two summers ago I was near crippled by plantar fasciitis.  I spent my days sitting and got more out of shape than I already was.  I felt as if I would never be the same again.  Even going to the doctor was disheartening because he told me he would need to do surgery.  The surgery to heal plantar fasciitis is horrific.  See the below video if you have a strong stomach.

The success rate for this surgery is 85% according to my doctor.  According to what I read on the internet, if you are in the 15% that this surgery is unsuccessful for the problems that result are much worse than if you had never had the surgery at all.  After spending hundreds of dollars on treatment from a podiatrist and telling him I was not going to chance the surgery I went to the internet for treatment advice.

Here’s a tip, if you’re a doctor, give people the correct advice and don’t make them go to the internet for it.  In my case, I was given 6 cortisone shots and then told I’d need surgery.  While I’m not a doctor and therefore not authorized to give advice on plantar fasciitis, this is how I healed my own foot without surgery.

The day I was told I’d need surgery and declined I went home and did a lot of research.  One thing that came up time and time again was to get fitted for a good pair of running shoes at a running specialty store.  A couple of hours later I was in a runner’s specialty store in Orlando called Track Shack.  I told the person at the counter about my condition and he asked me to walk as best as I could.  This is called gait testing.  The salesman, named Chris, told me that I overpronate.  This means that I walk with my feet tilted to the inside.  Chris told me that they see half a dozen people a day with plantar fasciitis and asked me to try on and walk in three different pairs of shoes from three different makers.  The pair of shoes I decided on were Adidas.  They held my heel in nice and tight and had a lot of arch support.  It was instant relief.  Within a month I was feeling so much better.  I was walking again but could not sustain long walks without some pain.

While at Track Shack, Chris has suggested that I try this sock that would hold my toes in an upright position while I sleep.  He told me that the tendon that was causing all my problems would be stretched out while I sleep which is when our body heals itself.  In the morning I could take off the sock and walk without pulling the tendon and causing tears and inflammation.  I passed that day but a few months later I finally got the sock, called The Strassburg Sock.  Within a month I was pain-free and able to walk long distances.

I wish my doctor had suggested these treatments.  I was desperate when I went to see him and would have tried anything that I felt would work.  I truly believe there are doctors out there who want to keep you sick in order to make more money off of you.  There are many good doctors, however.  I am now pain-free and on my way to running a 5k, if I quit slacking so much.

Yesterday was squats day and I did 120 in sets of 30.  My knee was bothering me a little.  I have good days and a bad day here and there with my knees.  Yesterday wasn’t so good but 120 is still a great number right?