A couple of days ago I wrote a post about green coffee.  This seems to be a buzz word that keeps popping up in my life lately and after researching green coffee I’ve decided to try it in my diet.  Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid which is theorized to reduce the absorption of glucose.  In studies this has been shown to aid in weight loss.  After researching the health benefits of green coffee and found several places online who sell it, I decided to seek out a local supplier of the green beans.

There is a supplier here in Casselberry that supply coffee beans to businesses and churches.  They are called Blessed Bean Coffee.  After emailing back and forth with a real helpful guy named Robie who stated that they would be at the Maitland Farmers’ Market today.  My wife and I love to buy local when we’re able to and thought a trip to the farmers’ market would be both fun for us and the kids.  We were impressed with the great selection of local foods and I picked up 2 lbs of green coffee beans.  One bag of Colombian and one bag of Honduran.

Green Coffee

Upon arriving at home I quickly grabbed my coffee grinder and went to work.  My two little ones (ages 6 and 4) were curious and I gave them each a bean of their own.  They promptly lost their beans.  I, however, tried eating one.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to eat them raw like this without brewing them but I’m impulsive so I ate one.  It was kind of hard and chewy.  It took some extra time to grind my green coffee beans but eventually they were ground enough to brew.

I pulled out the ol’ Aeropress and scooped two ounces of beans, which may be a little two much, in and then added boiling water.  I let it steep for about a minute before pressing the very green coffee in to my cup.  Green coffee has a green bean scent to it but a little more bitter than the vegetable.  It has a similar flavor.  To be honest, it isn’t the best flavor to drink but I’m drinking it for healthy reasons, not for recreational use.  I should be able to handle the green coffee for a couple of weeks until I have some good data on the effects I saw in weight loss.

I average about 2 lbs of weight loss per week.  I figure if I lose more than that then I may be on to something.  If not, it was fun trying.

Yesterday I did 120 push ups.  Yes, I should have done at least 130 but I pushed myself to do sets of 30 instead of 25.  Push ups have been a challenge for me to increase my reps per set.  Either that or I simply haven’t challenged myself.  I decided to decrease my overall number of reps to increase my reps per set and I seem to have come through well.

I need to go get some sit ups in before work and finish this cup of green coffee.  Have a wonderful day!