In late May I decided to start working out for strength and better health.  To put things in to perspective, I pulled a muscle carrying groceries earlier this year.  I had been reading a couple of different book by Pavel Tsatsouline and Tim Ferriss and theorized that I could spend just a couple minutes at various times of the day performing different exercises and build muscle, lose weight and get in great shape.  This is a very quick description of my workout, you can read more about it on my quick start guide.

Along the way I’ve inspired friends and readers and created good habits.  I call my workout the minimalist workout.  While, I’m not the first person to call a workout “Minimalist Workout”, I believe mine to be the most minimalist workout.  Throughout the nearly three months that I’ve been writing this blog and working out I have gotten back in to running, been successfully dieting, and best of all have formed great habits.  I owe my success to my persistent logging and acknowledgment of my successes on this blog.

If you start slow and tell yourself every day how great you feel and how much better you feel every day and log your results you will be successful.  It is that simple.  Today, is a short post.  I am quite busy this week but am still working out and will keep you updated daily but my posts may be a little shorter each day.

Yesterday I did 160 sit ups.  Since I’m so bad at math I didn’t realize I had done so many but I completed 4 sets of 40.  I also started drinking my green coffee as an experiment to see how much weight I would lose by drinking it.  Today I drank another cup but added lime juice and sprite to it.  It masked the flavor a little and made it easier to drink.

Keep up the good work!