I don’t feel like writing a minimalist workout post today.  Before I was in to fitness I was in to art.  Us artsy types are weird.  We go through periods where we don’t feel creative and this week I feel as if my creativity has been stunted by all the other things I have to do today.  I’ve also got a lot on my mind.  I decided to read a couple of blogs today instead of writing.  I found a couple of new blogs to follow.  I’ve been doing push ups for push ups day and am putting little effort in to writing this post because I do not feel inspired.

Yesterday was squats day.  I did 120 in 4 sets of 30.  I know I’ve done more in the past but my legs have felt tired.  I also haven’t been pacing myself well.  I’ve been doing sets of 30 and leaving my last set for when I get home from work.  I keep telling myself I’ll do a few at work but yesterday was so busy I didn’t get a chance.  I should budget my time at home better.  120 squats is still a great number.  It’ll make an out of shape person fit.  If I put little effort and get 120 squats then I’m doing well.

I have two more busy days and then I’ll write some good posts this weekend.  Stay tuned!