What are your goals?  Do you want to lose 100 lbs?  Do you want to be able to lift 1,000 lbs?  There is an old proverb that states “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Your goal may be to lose 100 lbs but it starts with losing 1 lb.

When I started my Minimalist Workout I set a general goal to build muscle.  It is important not to set unrealistic goals or goals that was so far outside your ability that you become discouraged.  I did a test to see what I was capable of and worked to increase the amount of reps I did little by little.  How do you make a donkey walk?  Hang a carrot out about a foot from his face.  Why?  Because if you put it a mile away, the donkey will never see it.  By putting the carrot a foot in front of the donkey it’ll see it and feel it like it can reach it.  It’ll continually follow that carrot.

My goal was to reach a level of 100 reps per workout each day I did that particular exercise.  My short-term goals were simple, start out by doing what I was able to without hurting myself and add more reps a little at a time each week.  As I progressed from 20 reps per day to over 100 and even 200 at times I recognized my accomplishments and celebrated them on my blog.  It is important to recognize you are achieving your short-term goals and moving closer to achieving your long-term goals by tracking your progress.  Without those short-term goals it is very difficult to stay focused.

Couch to 5K is an effective program because you have weekly goals to complete that week.  Each time you complete a week and move on to the next you feel a sense of accomplishment.  If it helps, figure out a reward system.  Maybe you will buy yourself a steak for completing a goal.

So how do you define and track your goals?  Find a way that works for you.  There are several ways I have found that work.  Obviously this blog is a major tool in my goal tracking.  A free service like Google Docs is a place where you can set up a spreadsheet to help track your goals.  If you have a program like Microsoft Excel on your computer you can set up a spreadsheet there as well.  You could also keep a journal and write down your goals.

I would start off by seeing what you are capable of first and increasing about 10% each week.  If you’re able to do more than that then go ahead and do more, but do not push yourself too hard.  After a few weeks you’ll have a lot of data that shows your progress.  Celebrate these accomplishments, they’ll pay you back in the form of motivation for the future.