“I’m a Minimalist Workout Freight Train”

Yesterday I wrote a blog post titled “Setting Achievable Goals And Live Your Dreams“.  It got me to thinking about my own goals.  I haven’t been working with many goals lately.  It has pushed me back.  I have goals to write a kindle book which comes with shorter term goals of compiling research material but as far as working out, I’ve been without goals for some time now.  I want to set a few goals.  I’d like to set a goal to get in at least 130 reps of each exercise per day.  Yesterday I did 160 squats in 4 sets of 40.  This is a level that has exceeded push ups and sit ups which were once my top exercises.  At one point my right quad muscles were teetering on the edge of injury from doing a much lower number squats per day.  This took pressure off of me to perform at high levels and before I realized it my squats have become my strong point.  Now I’m a squat machine.

The sad thing is, I’ve done 200 push ups in one day and from what I recall, I got close to that in sit ups.  So why is it that I only did 80 sit ups a couple of days ago and have been under performing in push ups for a long time?  It is because I haven’t set clear goals that I needed to work toward.  I’m clearly capable of it and need to put more faith in myself.  So today I’m making the following declaration:

“I’m a Minimalist Workout Freight Train” 

In fact, I’m a runaway freight train and need to unleash the power within myself.  130 reps is a short-term goal.  It is a number I need to hit.  I’d like to do at least 160 of each but I’m going to set a goal to do at least 130 per day for the next week.  One week from today I’ll set a new goal.

I have never been able to do a lot of squats.  One of the things that discouraged me in the past was attempting to do the 200 squats challenge.  Day two of the program required me to do 26 squats in 4 sets.  I wasn’t able to do it and quit.  So you can imagine my excitement that I’m now able to do 40 in a row.  Not only am I able to do 40 in a row but I can repeat this three more times.  I could never have imagined that I’d say “I did 160 squats today” but I said it yesterday and I’m still talking about it today!

I need to celebrate my successes more!  Today is push ups day.  I am aiming high.  I am able to do sets of 30 but the last couple are hard.  I don’t like to push myself so hard but I want to increase my reps per set so I’m doing 30.  There’s no reason why I’m not able to do at least sets of 40 push ups if I can do this in squats.

My 4-year-old wants to use the computer now so I’m going to stop here.  Go out and be productive today.  You are worth it.