It’s late on a Friday night.  I’ve had a productive day of squats (more on that tomorrow) and watching TV.  These are late night ramblings in no particular order.

I’ve been reading some blogs that I follow and have seen over the months that a lot of them post videos.  I’ve always been better behind the camera than in front of it but I feel that it is inevitable that some day I’ll make a video post for this blog.  Need some ideas.

I worry about my posture on a video.  It’s something I’ve worked on but could use more work.  It’s a strange thing to think about as most people probably don’t even notice it.

I want to get back to my running tomorrow.  Instead of talking about it, I have to do it.  I stopped for a while for personal reasons but things are cool now and I should be set to go.

Food planning should be better.  Dinner wasn’t great tonight.  Thank God for Greek Yogurt.

Four out of five of the last sentence’s words were capitalized.  I feel bad for poor for.

I’d like to hear more from you, the reader.  What type of workouts do you do?  Inspire me!

There’s a hurricane coming and democrats and republicans are using it to argue even more.  How can I teach my kids to get along when America’s leaders do nothing but fight?