I started this blog as a place to track my progress while doing self experimentation with a workout routine that I’ve named the Minimalist Workout by Tim.  I was inspired by Pavel Tsatsouline and Tim Ferriss.  Tim Ferriss because he demonstrated self experimentation and encouraged it and Pavel because of some of the great advice he gives in his book.  I’ve started self experimentation on my diet as well and hope to inspire others to reach their diet goals.

So I’ve been on weight watchers for a couple of weeks now.  Previously, I was on the Slow Carb Diet from the book 4-Hour Body.  I switched up my diet in order to lend support to my wife who also has chosen to do weight watchers.  I was afraid that my body would not adjust well to the diet, most notably the sugar.  So far I’m doing well.  I gained weight the first couple of days but I have been losing steadily since.  I’m averaging about 2 lbs per week and I’m quite happy.

Something interesting happened on the slow carb diet.  The protein I ate was so filling that I ended up only eating about 1400 calories per day.  My goal, according to the research I did, was around 2,000-2,300.  When I switched to weight watchers I ate less and understood the need to eat a fair amount of protein each day so I could build muscle and stay full throughout the day.  I modified my breakfast a little from 4 eggs and two pieces of bacon to 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and 1 cup of FAGE Greek Yogurt (0%).  This put me well over the 30 grams of protein goal for breakfast and sets me up for a successful day.  The rest of the day I eat three ham and turkey sandwiches (1 for lunch, 2 for dinner).  This gives me about 25 points for the day.  My target is 34 points, however.  The 9 point difference gives me a little bit of wiggle room to eat an apple like I did today or put some honey in my Greek Yogurt.

Why do I choose to diet this way?  Tim Ferriss talks about this in his book 4-Hour Body.  He found that people often have trouble sticking to a diet when they have to constantly be counting and measuring.  He recommends eating the same things daily and getting in enough protein in the morning so you’re not hungry.  This has been the #1 thing that has helped me become successful.  In fact, there are times when I do not eat these same things on a particular day.  Weight Watchers builds in weekly points which you can add in anywhere you want.  For the most part I save them for Saturday and have a cheat day but yesterday I was out all morning and ate taco bell.  I didn’t worry about what I ate, and did not count points.  I had taco bell for lunch, two sandwiches and a salad for dinner last night and lost weight this morning.  I feel as if I’ve finally cracked the code for eating.  Slow carb diet got me to eat less and benefit more and weight watchers allows me to eat more fun foods, in moderation, at certain times and still lose weight.

Working out hasn’t materialized the way I wanted this week.  Yesterday I made myself quite busy and today is my early day at work.  While my body is kicking me and telling me to work it (it’s actually become quite a good habit) I haven’t done a single rep since Monday.  I’ll resume tomorrow, I will not beat myself up for it and I’ll start on my goal of 130 reps per day for 7 days again.  Next week’s work schedule gets me back to normal.