I’m a very political person.  I sometimes can’t stand how much I enjoy politics because it makes me angry.  Yes, this statement is a paradox.  I do not want this blog to ever be about politics (that’s what I have my twitter for) but I draw inspiration from everywhere.

I’ve been watching the Republican National Convention this week.  Before you start in on politics, I do not consider myself a Republican or Democrat.  In my opinion, there were some great stories that came out of this convention this week.  Senator Marco Rubio, who is my representative here in Florida, delivered a great speech.  I listened to him tell the story of his parents and grandfather who came from Cuba where they had little hope.  They worked hard and told a young Marco that he had the opportunity to make something great out of himself.  I honestly feel inspired when I hear stories like this.  I really feel like I can connect with this story.

When I was a young kid my parents were dirt poor.  Somehow they never let me and my siblings know and it wasn’t until I was in high school that my mom told me how bad it was.  Looking back, I don’t remember how young I was when my dad first started telling me I was smart enough to be President of the United States.  I feel that I’m smart enough to stay away from that job but my dad instilled in me a mindset that I could accomplish anything.  On a side note, my dad never stopped working hard and made something out of himself and inspires me daily.

I was a weird kid.  I enjoyed old movies, old TV shows, spent my summers with my grandparents hanging out with them and their old (to a young kid) friends.  I heard a lot of stories about the Great Depression and WW2 and saw how their hard work prevailed and how they were spending their retirement living on a lake with boats and snowmobiles (winter in Michigan).

Working out should be a lot easier than getting out of a depression, a world war, or going from rags to riches.  You can be successful the instant you start and continue to be more successful in a very short amount of time.  Draw inspiration from those around you whether you agree with their politics or not.  See things through the eyes of someone else and figure out what makes them tick.  Once you see these otherwise normal people doing extraordinary things you will start to believe that it is possible for you to accomplish your goals.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”.  Go out and be inspired and then inspire others.