So yesterday our neighbors called and invited us to go out with them for some wine tasting.  We are lucky to live in a wonderful city just outside Orlando.  In nearby Winter Park there is a wine bar called The Wine Room.  I personally am not a wine fan.  I, quite frankly, just can’t see why people love wine so much.  With that said, I decided to soak up some of the local culture and taste a couple of the wines.

At The Wine Room, you purchase a card which gives you access to wine machines that serve wines by the ounce or by the glass.  I tried a couple of wines.  One was a fruity wine which was very good and smooth.  It didn’t have that bite to it going down.  Honestly, I cannot remember the name of it because I was so impressed with my second ounce which was a chocolate wine called Chocolate Cellar California.  It was delicious.  I didn’t think I would like chocolate wine but this was like drinking a candy bar.

Tim In The Wine Cellar


We also enjoyed a cheese platter but I didn’t really get the whole cheese and wine thing.  On a side note, I once drank a $25 glass of wine which was wasted on me.  I didn’t see why it was better than a $1 glass of wine.  The two wines that I tried last night, however, were quite good and I would drink them again.

Red wine is quite good for you, in moderation.  For a while I was drinking a half cup a day.  Red wine has anti-cancer agents in it which is good.  The more anti-cancer the better.

The last couple of days have been good as far as my minimalist workout is concerned.  I did 160 sit ups yesterday and 130 push ups on Thursday.  My work schedule is a little bit more normal this week and I have no doubt I’ll be sticking to my workouts all week.

I downloaded a new app for my iPod that is designed to help you stick to your goals.  The app is called Lift.  If you download it you can connect to Twitter and we can be friends on the app if you follow me on Twitter.  Be sure to let me know if you follow me so I can follow back.  I plan to use it to track my workouts.  While I still haven’t found a good app that’ll allow me to track the amount of reps I do daily, I can put my reps in to the notes section of Lift.

Today is squats, it is typically also my cheat day but so far I haven’t cheated on my diet.  I’ve actually only had an apple, 2 pieces of bacon and 3 eggs.  I may scale back the cheat day this week, I’m just not feeling like I need it.  The nice thing about Weight Watchers is that I could cheat any day I wanted.  Who knows though, I may enjoy a bag of popcorn later.