Yesterday was my cheat day.  Yes, weight watchers does not build in a cheat day but I’ve been quite successful with mine.  My wife suggested we give the kids dinner and when they go to bed we go out for a date.  Dates as husband and wife are generally simple.  Dinner, maybe just a trip to Starbucks, but always enjoyable!

We ended up at Olive Garden.  Right now Olive Garden has their never-ending pasta bowl which is all you can eat in layman’s terms.  As a pasta fanatic this sounded like a great plan.  Before I continue, I will not be showing any pictures of our outing in this post.  I contemplated it but I didn’t want proof of what I had done.

I ordered my first bowl of pasta.  I choose angel hair pasta with three cheese maranara and my wife chose penne with meat sauce.  It also came with a salad which was delicious!  The pasta bowl was quite large and half way through I was feeling it.  Being the el-cheapo that I am, I ordered a second bowl when the first was gone.  The second was penne with meat sauce because my wife’s looked so good.  By the time this one came I was stuffed.  I ate it anyway.  It wasn’t easy.  I was hurting after that dinner.  I don’t regret it because my wife and I had such a great time but I cannot tell you the last time I ate pasta and my body wasn’t used to it.

After I got home I was full of energy and good feelings, other than the one in my stomach.  The carb rush was awesome.  After watching some TV with my lovely bride I went to sleep.  It was a night filled with a queezy stomach and rushes of energy.  It was like being on drugs.  This morning I woke up with a headache and had absolutely no energy.  I drank three cups of coffee and feel a little bit more normal now.  Pasta, we’re no longer friends!

I did 160 squats yesterday!  I’m feeling great now and a good friend of mine has started emailing me asking what the exercise of the day is each day.  He’s working out too so now I feel like I have a workout buddy.  Well I’m pressed to get out the door to work.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!