There seem to be a couple of drawbacks of forming a great habit like working out every day.  For one, on days like yesterday when the world it throwing lemons at me (ok, it was just a rock in my tire and I had a can of fix-a-flat) and I don’t get a moment to do sit ups it becomes all I can think of.  I missed a day of working out.  It makes me feel like something is missing in my life.  Almost like I left my keys somewhere but I don’t realize what I’m missing.

Ok, my wife would say this isn’t something I should be saying out loud.  I shouldn’t be saying “poor me, I missed a day of working out and it’s driving me nuts.”  A lot of people struggle with getting up off the couch to get moving.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  The fact is that I feel the routine has become too mundane.  It isn’t as exciting as it used to be.  I don’t want to switch it up and I like the way things are going.  I think my big problem is that I don’t see the big results that I used to.  Also, I look at my arms and legs and see muscle and definition now which excites me but my mid section is still a little flabby.

When I made a decision to get in shape, I made a decision to be fit.  When I look at parts of my body and don’t see signs of my hard work it is a little discouraging.  Are these things a sign of obsessive behavior?  I’m trying to assess my thought patterns.  Maybe I am afraid of failure because I feel like I have so many readers holding me accountable.

Having my friend Derek email me daily and tell me that he’s doing the same workouts as me every day has been a fun little spark.  So here I go.  Another day, more sit ups, more dieting, more muscle and more fat lost.

I’m sorry if my thoughts are all over the place today.

Saturday night my wife and I went out to Olive Garden for the never-ending pasta bowl.  This left me feeling like garbage on Sunday.  I’m not used to all those carbs and, in a way, I ODed on them.  It’s a good sign that I’ve done well on my diet.  I also gained 3 lbs the next morning.  A lot less than I thought I would have.  I am happy to say that I’m back down to my pre-pasta weight today.  The rest of the week should be non stop fat burning.  Unfortunately, the scale doesn’t seem to show this.  Am I too focused on the scale?

Here’s what I know.  Since I started dieting in late June or early July (Honestly, I should go back and check) I’ve lost 20 lbs.  I’ve also gained a fair amount of muscle.  My BMI, according to my little fat loss monitor hasn’t changed a whole lot (this is something I could go back and check to get exact numbers too) but I have lost about 2 inches around my stomach.

Well life just threw me another loop and I gotta run.  Someone tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with these kinds of thoughts about workout.  Let me know in the comments section!