One thing I can say about my minimalist workout is that it’s held up over the course of the last couple weeks.  This is very good because the last couple of weeks have been very busy.  There have been days that I’ve had to skip and was able to get back on track the next day with no loss of strength.  It has been a great journey over the last few months and my success gives me motivation to keep going.

On top of that, my wife is now working out several days each week with a group of her friends.  At least two of my friends are working out now and we keep in contact regularly despite one living in Michigan, the other in California and me being in Florida.

I’ve lost 20 lbs and 2 inches around my stomach.  I haven’t pulled a muscle carrying in the groceries (this happened to me earlier this year) and when my four year old wants to ride in the grocery cart I lift her easily now.

Why am I listing all these random points?  Because yesterday I was feeling a little down.  The excitement of a new workout program has faded and now it is up to sheer will power to keep going.  By refocusing my attention on what I’ve achieved I plan to stay motivated.  I realized last week that all I do is talk about on this blog is how wonderful things are.  It is best for me to be honest and recognize my struggles so I can deal with them instead of ignoring them and letting them get worse.  I will not dwell on the negative, however.

Lately, I’ve been eating an apple each morning.  I’m not a big apple fan but I picked up some Granny Smith apples and have really been enjoying them.  Granny Smiths are sour.  I like sour flavors quite a bit.  I do enjoy chocolate but other than that I don’t like things too sweet.  I did a little research and found out that apples have a lot of good nutrition in them.  A couple of my favorites are Vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium.  Vitamin C alone is great for your immune system.

Yesterday I did 150 sit ups.  Today is squats.  I’ve been tracking my progress on an app on the iPod and this has helped a LOT.

Your body is like a machine but it is the most complex of all machines.  By fueling it properly there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  The only thing holding us back is our mind and our lack of proper nutrition.  You are blessed to be in control of such an amazing device.  Take control of the wheel and get it headed in the right direction!