My kids started school a couple of weeks ago and with a new school year comes germs.  I’m a major germophobe, I wash my hands a lot throughout the day and wont us a grocery cart if there are no wipes available to sanitize first.  So it is always so disappointing when germs use my kids to get to me.  First it was my 14 year old, then my 6 and 4 year old.  I have been taking a lot of vitamin C to get ready or the imminent threat.  The germs got my wife before getting me.

I fought the good fight yesterday but was not able to exercise.  Today, however, I’m laying in bed.  My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton and my throat feels like someone scratched it too hard.  Yeah, I’m a baby about it but I don’t get sick very often.  Unfortunately, for me I’m pulling a late nighter at work tonight.   I slept till 1pm today and will not get home until 5am in the morning.  Wish me the best!

I’ll be taking more vitamin C, drinking tea, maybe adding some honey and resting as much as possible.