A few weeks ago I wrote a post about green coffee and how it might be the next big diet fad.  I was intrigued by the claims that green coffee had the power to reduces the absorption of glucose with it’s chlorogenic acid.  Even Dr. Oz was praising the name of green coffee.  I decided to experiment with green coffee.  I didn’t want to buy expensive supplements so I bought green coffee and drank it straight.

Green coffee tastes terrible for one.  This is probably why they sell it as a supplement instead of pure green coffee.  If you are interested, it is easy to make an extract from the green coffee beans.  There are videos on You Tube that’ll show you.

I have averaged about 2 lbs lost per week on my diet.  I decided to give the green coffee a couple of weeks to see if there was any difference at all.  I tried green coffee with lemon, cinnamon and stevia trying to make it taste better and found that with enough cinnamon and stevia it wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, green coffee had no affect on my weight loss.  Dr. Oz said I could eat anything I wanted and I could still lose weight.  This simply was not the case for me.  I did loosen up my diet a little the first week and lost only 1 lb that week.  The second week I went back to my diet without cheating during the week and lost 2 lbs.

Without being an actual scientist, I wasn’t able to test the amount of chlorogenic acid in the beans or my hypoglycemic levels.  If you feel I’m wrong I’d love to hear it but as far as I’m concerned this fad has been busted.

I did a little research on the green coffee experiment that made the claims that it would help you lose weight.  I lost the article that made the claim but I did find one source that stated that the experiment was paid for by someone who had financial interests in this being a favorable study for them.

As a word of advice, work on eating foods that don’t spike your insulin levels.  By controlling your insulin levels you will slow the production of glucose and in turn not build fat.  Eat protein and work out and you will build muscle.  Lose weight naturally.  Supplements should be used if you find you have a deficiency but people lose weight just fine without them.

My next experiment is with leptin levels.  More on that later.