I hit a great milestone this week and it is very exciting to me.  I finally got below 200 lbs.  Since starting my current weight loss journey I have lost 29 lbs.  A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a little bored with my current routine.  This new milestone is exciting.  I hit 199 a couple of years ago only to have Thanksgiving hit and my diet was done at that point.  This time I’m 197 which is the lowest I’ve been in 20 years.

With this excitement comes some apprehension.  Now what?  What size pants will I wear?  The only sizes I’ve worn since I was a kid were 34 and 36 (ok, 38 for a brief time).  Do I try a 32?  I’m notoriously cheap so I don’t want to spend the money, I don’t even like shopping.  It was just a month ago I started wearing a pair of pants that had been too tight and now they’re almost too small.  Will people think I’m sick?  I’ve already been shunned by the fat guy club, will the skinny guys take me in?

Yeah, all that sounds silly but these are my thoughts.  I’ve experienced uncertainty before.  I’ve moved across the country three times and have accomplished a lot.  I’ve read that I should be somewhere between 160 and 180 so here’s to the next 20-30 lbs.