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So you’ve been logging everything you eat and everything you do for the past week.  This phase is where you compile that data and take a look at where you’re going wrong.  It is a very short phase and your bad habits should become apparent as you look over your logs.  This is a time for you to be honest with yourself.

Start with your fitness level.  Run down your log and circle all the times that you get up and move to a different room.  Keep a running tally of the number of times you do.  This is the amount of potential sets you can achieve in a given day.  For example, you go in to the kitchen to cook, you go to the bathroom twice to do your business and once later to take a shower and at the end of the day you go to bed.  This is five chances to get in a couple of reps.  We’ll get more in to this later when we reach the action phase.

In addition to seeing potential, it is important to see your bad habits.  How much time are you spending sitting?  How much water do you drink each day?  Are you passing up chances to get up to do something?  Are you eating junk food while watching TV in the evening?  Like I said before, be honest.

If you’ve been logging your food on a website like then you will have a clear understanding of what you’re eating that is causing you to gain weight or not lose weight.  If you ate a big plate of spaghetti then you will see a high number of carbs and not enough protein.  Are you eating toast for breakfast and not eggs?  Again, carbs instead of protein.  It’ll also tell you how many calories you ate and how many you should be eating.  Sure, you should be getting some carbs but my guess is you get too many.  Food tracking websites will tell you exactly where you’re going wrong.

This recognition phase is a short phase on one hand and an ongoing effort on the other.  Going forward, you know exactly what you’re doing wrong and can make changes even if they’re small at first.  Tweak your diet a little by adding foods that are better for you such as an apple rather than a can of spaghetti-o’s.  Join the discussion forums that these website often offer.  Ask others if they have good ideas of foods that can be substituted.  Start to plan your escape from being out of shape.

When I did weight watchers a couple years ago I remember the first week or two I ran out of points very quickly because I was eating a lot of the same foods I had been eating before, just in smaller portions.  I didn’t want to eat smaller portions, however, so I found substitutes for these foods like healthier breads and meats to make my sandwiches.  Eventually, I was eating more food but losing weight.  No one will care if you spend a half hour looking at the labels on the back of every loaf of bread trying to find the healthiest.