A friend of mine asked me recently if I’ve tried fasting.  He told me that a lot of people swear by it.  He told me a lot of health and fitness experts swear by it, and in my friend’s experience, fasting makes you feel stronger, fitter, more full of energy and thinner the next day.  This is a friend who has studied health and fitness for years and really knows his stuff.

The directions were fairly simple.  Coffee, tea and juice was all I was allowed to consume.  So on 10 pm Friday night I finished eating something and woke up Saturday with the intention of fasting.  I drank plenty of coffee and I have some all natural organic cranberry juice with no other juice added in the fridge.  This is all I consumed until 9pm last night.  Yes, my friend told me I should go all day without eating but we already had dinner plans.  Still, I thought 23 hours without solid food was pretty good.

Surprisingly it wasn’t hard.  I didn’t have much energy, but I haven’t had much energy all week due to being under the weather.  I did feel hungry at times but the coffee and juice helped with the hunger.  I was kind of crabby but that may have been because I hadn’t slept well the past week.  Coincidence, maybe, but I slept pretty good last night and woke up feeling better.  I did some squats and cleaned in the kitchen as well as played with the kids for a while.

Have any of you tried fasting?

One of my Facebook friends told me that fasting will slow down my metabolism for a few days.  This doesn’t sound like something I wanted to happen.  This, to me is fine.  I have become pretty content since I got below 200 lbs last week.  Still, I do want to continue on my quest to eat healthy.  This means no more junk food for the rest of the week.  That’s cool with me because I had some wonderful lasagna last night at our friend’s house.

I haven’t exercised a lot this past week.  As I said previously, I’ve been feeling under the weather.  I sat in bed all day last Sunday and have not had much energy since then.  I’ve had trouble sleeping all week as well.  Still, I got in some exercises, just not as much as I normally do.  I plan to take this week to recover and get my muscles working again.  I did a set of 30 squats this morning and my legs felt as if they didn’t want to move.  Wish me luck the rest of the day.