When I started my Minimalist Workout in May I had a clear goal, to build strength without having to put a lot of effort in to it.  Along the way I developed a habit of exercising daily and a desire to be healthier.  I’ve lost 30 lbs along the way and have seen muscles pop up where I never knew they existed.  As if that wasn’t enough I have read a lot about some very interesting people who also write blogs on Word Press.  I’m inspired daily to be the best I can be.

A few weeks ago I slept funny on my arm and woke up with a sore shoulder.  I didn’t think much of it but the pain has lingered on and this week I slept on my arm funny again and now my shoulder is even more sore.  I’m worried about it and am hoping I haven’t injured myself.  I’ve been able to do push ups but I have to be careful about what position my hands and arms are in.  As a funny turn of events, I was looking at my shoulder and noticed that while my arms have developed nicely and I have a few muscles that I never knew existed, my biceps aren’t real big.  I spoke to a friend about this who told me push ups don’t directly target the biceps.  They will make them stronger but not big.  He went on to say that I need to do curls and really contract the biceps as I lift the dumbbells.

I have tried to stay true to my idea of a minimalist workout as much as possible.  I like to stick to body weight exercises, however, I have a weak upper back and the best way to correct this was to use a set of 10 lb weights.  My arms aren’t small, I took a picture of my arm a couple of months ago and one of my friends told me it was as big as his leg.  He’s a skinny guy.  I don’t know if I want big biceps anyway.  I want strength, not necessarily bulk.  Still, if I have injured my shoulder then I need to find exercises I can do for my arms that wont hurt my shoulder.  Are you following me here?

So this is where I’m at right now.  Other than that I feel great.  I’m eating well, have lost weight, never get enough sleep and am healthier than I was in May when I started writing this blog.  I’ve been thinking a lot about going to get a complete physical.  I want full blood work to see where I’m at and if I have any problem areas.  I want to see that my cholesterol is low and my thyroid is healthy.  Do I go to a general practitioner for that?

To me this is all part of the process.  It has been a wonderful journey so far and I’d like to see more fruits of my labor!