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This phase is perhaps the easiest and hardest at the same time.  So far you’ve written down your habits, daily routine and hopefully kept a food journal.  You’ve looked over the data you’ve collected and can now clearly see where your faults lie.  Don’t worry, there isn’t a single person on this earth that doesn’t have faults.  The truth is, if you meet someone who seems like they’re perfect, run.

So let’s talk about the 7 billion people that live on this earth for a minute.  Nearly all of them are social people.  There are very few people like the uni-bomber who live in the woods by themselves with no other human contact.  Need some convincing?  Take New York City as an example.  Why would so many people crowd into a city like that?  Because they like being around other people.  Yes, NYC is a bit of an extreme example but there are cities and villages all over the world that prove my point.  It’s hard to find a place where someone lives that there aren’t other people.

How do we use this to our advantage?  Because we are social creatures and we also like to engage in activities that each other are engaged in.  To me, this is what will make phase 3 so powerfu.  Best case scenario, you will end up with a group of friends dieting and/or working out with you.  It is possible, however, that no one will diet or exercise with you but it’ll be hard to find people who don’t support you.  This type of reinforcement will take you to places you never imagined you could go.

Simply stated, in phase 3 you are going to tell everyone you know of your intention to get more physically fit.  I don’t avoid words like diet or workout plan but talk about being healthy.  You want to tell them and yourself that you are going to start changing some of your bad habits in order to be more healthy.  Naturally curious, people will most likely ask you more about it.  Go ahead and tell them. If you don’t have a plan yet then tell them you are putting together a plan of action and will start soon.

I also suggest you get on your social networks like Facebook and twitter and talk about your desire to be healthy.  Don’t over think it.  This is now part of your normal every day life.  Commitment is an important thing and the more you tell people what you intend to do the more committed you become.