I’ve been feeling down lately.  I was making great progress and have come a long way and then the pain in my shoulder started.  I have been icing my shoulder a lot, which helps, and I’ve been doing my exercises to strengthen my shoulders but I’m still feeling the pain.

I’ve had quite a few injuries over the years.  If I was a character in a police drama I would be the guy who rushes into a room shooting and asking questions later.  I like to dive head first in to things.  I’ve pulled my hamstring, torn a calf muscle and had plantar fasciitis.  Every time I injure myself I just want to be better… like now!  I’m very impatient.  The good news is, however, that each time I come back a little better and so far (knock on wood) I haven’t had any of the same injuries twice.

So lately I’ve put all my efforts in to getting better.  Rest, ice, exercises.  I don’t have any swelling so I don’t need to compress my shoulder and I don’t know how I could possibly elevate it any higher, although Larry King seems to have found a way.

Larry King

What’s going on with those shoulders?

My diet has been going well.  I have stuck to my plan fairly well.  I had a couple of days where I ate too much.  One being my wife’s birthday but have maintained my weight well.  A while back I lost quite a bit of weight very quickly and my clothes weren’t fitting very well.  My friends and family started making comments and everything seemed so big.  Quite honestly it freaked me out.  I’ve been happy that I maintained my weight and haven’t lost more.  I have adjusted to the new weight and feel comfortable in my own skin again.  I’m skipping my cheat day tomorrow due to the fact that I ate brownies and tortellini for my wife’s birthday yesterday.  Realistically I think I could lose 3-4 lbs by next week if I keep going at this rate.

For now, I can’t throw the ball to my kids but once I’m healed I should be able to throw the ball further.  Have a wonderful day!