So I’ve been at the exact same weight for several days now.  Probably a week or more.  Part of that may be my own fault but the rest of the time I’ve been eating pretty much the same things I do every day.  I’ve never hit a plateau that wasn’t easily fixed.  I’ve actually gone as much as three weeks on a plateau only to change one small thing and lose weight the next day.

Tim’s Plateau Buster Recipe


  1. Bowl
  2. Lettuce
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Lemon Juice or your favorite type of vinegar


  1. Place empty bowl on counter or table.
  2. Fill said bowl with lettuce
  3. Drizzle with Olive Oil
  4. Add Lemon Juice or your favorite vinegar (Red wine, balsamic, apple cider…)
  5. Eat and enjoy

I am not a doctor, dietitian or expert on nutrition but eating this as the last meal of the day seems to get the needle moving on the scale again.  I theorize that I’ve hit the plateau because I’m not getting the right type of fat (olive oil is great for that) or enough fiber (lettuce is great for that).  Still, vinegar, to me, is like the mystic food that has tons of benefits that no one really knows about.  Perhaps it is a combination of all three?