Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is get a blood glucose meter and see first hand how different foods affect blood glucose levels.  Well I finally got one, or rather my wife was nice enough to buy one while she was out, much to my delight!  I’ve got 25 test strips and plan on poking myself this weekend after eating certain foods.  I also plan to drink water with lemon in it to see how glucose levels are affected as well as eat cinnamon.

Many people who I’ve told about this test have asked me why blood glucose levels matter if I’m not diabetic.  Many people do not understand the relationship between blood glucose levels and weight gain or weight loss.

Glucose is a carbohydrate that enters your blood stream after foods are broken down in the intestines. It provides energy to cells.  A certain amount of glucose is needed but too much can cause fat production, a sugar high and too much insulin secretion.  Eating poor foods can lead to diabetes.  I have long followed the rule that if you control your glucose and insulin secretion then you in turn control your body.

Now I want to chart my blood glucose levels.  I want to see if cinnamon has a big effect on them.  I want to see if different foods cause my blood sugar levels to react in different ways.  I am doing this because I’m writing a book about health and fitness.  Self experimentation is the key to this book and now I’m embarking on a new experiment.

I have one other experiment that is waiting in the wings.  I’ll run it by you and we’ll put it to a vote to see if you think I should do it.  I’ve experimented with ice therapy but I want to really see it in action.  I was considering cutting myself in two places.  Somewhere where I wont hurt myself too bad, maybe my knee caps.  One side I would ice and the other I would let heal on it’s own.  I would be interested to see which heals faster.  Is this even a possibility?  I’ve used ice to recover from a hard workout but not a physical laceration.  I’ve only read about people who claim ice heals wounds.

Big I digress.  This weekend it’s all about the blood glucose levels and I’ll report them back to you when I have some data.