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Now the fun begins.  You’ve looked at all your habits, saw places and way you could improve them, did a few reps of each exercise to see what you’re capable and you’ve started your journal.  Now is the time for action.  It’s time to put it all together and transform your life.

You are going to be on a three day cycle of workout.  You can start with any day you’d like but for demonstration purposes we’ll start on Sunday.  Each day you are going to do one of three different exercises.  You can do them in any order but I prefer to do them in the order of push ups, sit ups and squats.  In each seven day period you will do each exercise three days.  Your schedule will look like this:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Push ups Sit up Squats Push ups Sit ups Squats Push ups Sit Ups Squats

So for example, your week of push ups goes from Sunday to Saturday, sit ups go from Monday to Sunday and Squats go from Tuesday to Monday.

When I first started this workout routine I had to find a way to form a habit.  Simply saying that I would work out a little bit throughout the day wasn’t enough.  I had tried that before and I would forget.  So what I did was set up rooms as triggers.  If I went in the kitchen I would drop down and do some push ups.  You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to do your exercises in the kitchen or simply acknowledge that it’s time to do them once you go to the kitchen.  You could really do them before or after going in the kitchen. And this is not to say you must set up the kitchen as your trigger.

In your trial phase you did a test to see how many of each exercise you could do.  You are now going to do 70% of your total throughout the day.  If you were able to do 10 push ups then do 7 every time you go in the kitchen.  It is as simple as that.  If you go in the kitchen 20 times then I would shoot for only four or five sets of seven when you’re starting out.  Keep track in your journal and be sure to tell someone throughout the day.  Keeping a journal and sharing your success socially are two of the most powerful things you can do.  I dare to say that they’re as important, if not more important, that the physical act of exercising.

I work a full time job and shoot for doing the bulk of my exercising before work.  I also try to get a set or two in during my eight hour shift and when I get home I try to do more.  I find that spacing my workouts apart like that gives my muscles time to heal.  Yes, they will be somewhat tired, but you will find you’re able to do more than if you did all your sets together.

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.  Also, check out my Minimalist Workout Quick Start.