So as I’ve said numerous times in the past, one of the reasons I love Word Press is because of the social aspect of it.  One of the bloggers I’ve come to admire and also interact with is L-Jay from L-Jay Health.  Like me, L-Jay was overweight and out of shape he’s come a long way.  His blog is a narrative of his progress as well as health tips and challenges.  We chat once in a while on twitter.  Did I mention that L-Jay also lives in Florida?

Last night he informed me that he’d be running a half marathon in Orlando in a couple of weeks.  He asked if I’d like to join.  I thought it was cool that he would invite me but since I haven’t been running lately I figured the possibility of being ready was quite slim.  Ok, so what to do?  I could simply decline or I could propose a later date.  So that’s what I did.  I asked him if January might work better.

So here I am.  I’m going to run in January (depending on whether or not there’s a run for us at that time).  How far will I run?  That’s the question.  I’m fairly skeptical that I can run a half marathon.  I do feel confident that I can do a 5k.  I probably can do more.  How much more? Well I’m going to see.  So I have a new challenge.

Tomorrow I’m going to be participating in a 4 mile scavenger hunt/foot race.  It should be fun but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that and start training for my run tomorrow.  I think Monday will be the target start date.  I will be keeping you updated here.