When something seems to be trying to get my attention in life, I try to answer.  Recently, I feel as if the subject of running has come up quite a bit in my life.  As I mentioned a couple of days ago, a fellow blogger asked if I wanted to do a run with him and Saturday evening my wife told me that her friend had to back out of their scavenger hunt/fun run that was on Sunday.  I told her I’d take her friend’s place.

I should say that this fun run was more scavenger hunt than endurance challenge.  We ended up running about 2 miles but it was over the course of nearly an hour and a half.  The run is called “Orlando Challenge” run by an organization called “Challenge Nation”.  We were given 12 clues and told we would have to find 11 of the 12 and take pictures of ourselves at each stop.  So for instance there was a clue about a large piece of rock that was a gift to the city of Orlando from a sister city in Taiwan.  The rock is in Lake Eola Park.  Since I used to work in Lake Eola Park I knew right where to go.  An hour and a half later we had 11 of 12 pics and walked to the finish line at number 77 of 95.  While it doesn’t sound like it, our time was about middle of the pack.

If you click here you can see a picture of my wife and I in front of a sculpture, we’re acting out the sculpture.

What I really enjoyed was hearing the stories of people who had been in other runs.  There were people in funny costumes and everyone was having a great time.  I think I’m going to have to do more runs.

Today I went out for a run.  I put an app on my phone called “Endomondo” which track me and gives me all kinds of great information.  Unfortunately, the app got paused for nearly my whole first mile but I got a little information out of it.  I plan to keep using the app.

I’m going to use the app to track my runs, share with you all and hopefully get myself back in shape for distance runs.  My goal might be to get to a half marathon.  I’m a little apprehensive about it but given enough time I know I can do it.

Here is my first day’s run.  Please note that I didn’t run through the woods and over ponds, that’s where the app paused on me.

Tim’s Day 1 of training.