I’ve been practicing yoga for about four weeks now.  I’m not real good at it yet, nor am I that flexible but I’ve been able to accomplish a few things that my friend/yoga instructor has given me some praise for and it’s a great feeling.  After watching a video that showed me how to do an advanced pose called “Dancer Pose”.  It is a great pose for balance and I can really feel it in my thighs.

Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

Tim doing dancer pose (Natarajasana)

As you can see, my 5 year old also loves doing yoga with me.  In fact, she has a kid’s yoga video that I put on for her that she loves doing.  I have a long way to go with this pose but it only takes a couple of minutes per day to work on.  In fact, looking at this picture I can already tell I am able to bend my leg up and lean forward a little more than I had last week when I had this picture taken.

Below is a video that will show you how to do this pose in 7 steps.  It is really quite easy to get in to the pose as a beginner and you can work on perfecting it as time goes on.