I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of months now.  78 days to be exact (I have a counter on my phone).  I’ve been doing short video as well as my own practice for the most part.  Today I finally got the cable company to figure out why my internet was so slow.  You see, I do most of my yoga through my Blu Ray player and with my internet running so slow I was unable to watch long videos.  This has restricted me to short videos and shorter yoga work outs.

Today, with the internet speed fixed, I pulled up an hour-long ashtanga yoga video.  I decided I would go as long as I could as it is a pretty intense workout.  Yes, for you non yoga practitioners, yoga can be pretty hard.  Much to my surprise, I was able to finish the full house.  Yes, there were two or three times where I had to stop for a minute to rest.  My arms became tired after doing chataranga so many time. In the end, I was able to hang in there and finish strong.

So what did I learn from this?  Well, for one, I learned that I could do an hour of yoga.  Second, I realized that I know enough about yoga to keep up with a class or video.  I’ve avoided the thought of going to an actual class because I wasn’t sure I could keep up.  Now it is something I would consider.  I would still like to get more time in with the video before doing so but I’ve moved a step forward in my practice.  All of this is on top of the half hour of yoga I did earlier today.

After my practice I took a cold shower and cooled off.  I feel really good.  I may be a little sore or tired tomorrow but I’m drinking plenty of water and will have some protein and do some light stretching later.  I can’t wait to do this video again.